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Promethea Guide Book

Calling all bibliomaniacs & Prometheaphiles

Coming late in 2004 (probably around November)

From the Radiant Heavenly City
The End of the World:
A Guide to Alan Moore & JH Williams III’s

Eroom Nala

Epimetheus Books


NOTE: Title subject to change

If you would like to contribute in any way to help me in producing this book please contact me via email eroomnala@yahoo.com.au

Specifically I am looking for people to help me edit, proofread, index, help compile a bilbiography, design, choose appropriate typefaces and in general produce the best possible book I can given my limited experience of book publishing
But wait that’s not all folks. The best 3 contributors will receive one of 3 free Alan Moore Prizes as follows:

1st Prize: a free copy of the book signed by the author. Copy to be designated #1 of only 100 copies published.
2nd Prize: a copy of The Extraordinary Works of Alan Moore by George Khoury
3rd Prize: a copy of the Pocket Essential Alan Moore by Lance Parkin (now sadly out of print)

This book is for you the readers and fans of Promethea and Alan Moore so I am calling for any suggestions you might have as to its’ contents.
What would you like to see in this book?
So far I’ve decided to include the following but any ideas or suggestions for improvement are welcome.
Contents of the Book so Far
an introduction which would include a comic story about Alan and Promethea to be drawn by someone who shall remain nameless so far and entitled
"Once upon a time..."
Eroom Nala interviews Eroom Nala about Eroom Nala
I'll let you all try and guess what that one is all about but let's just say I'm a bit egotistical
a short entry about
Promethea outside the work of Alan Moore
followed by a breakdown of the whole of Promethea something like

1st story arc (Sophie Bangs becomes Promethea and learns about magic)
Book One - Issues 1-6
Book Two - Issues 7-12

2nd story arc (The Kabbalah Road Trip)
Book Three - Issues 13-18
Book Four - Issues 19-25

3rd story arc (have to think of a title for this probably something about the end of the world)
Book Five - Issues 26-32

Essay topics would probably be something like

One about

with subheadings parts about
Dr. John Dee (1527-1608)
Austin Osman Spare (1886-1956)
Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) and
Jack Parsons (1914-1952)
Another essay on all the
Literature or Real books mentioned in Promethea
Helen Cixious Le Livre de Promethea
The Lesser Clavicle of Solomon the King
Lucian's A True Story
John Kendrick Bang's A Houseboat on the Styx and it's sequel The Pursuit of the Houseboat
plus bits about all the Crowley and associated books that you can see at Jack Faust's place at different times plus any fictional books and if known the works they are based on.
Of the book such as the snake symbolism that recurs throughout, the dichomoty and fusion of different aspects of individual characters such as Jack Faust, Crowley
Interesting coincidences such as the Promethea Movement
which came into existence at around the same time as Alan first got the idea of using Promethea as a comic book title
the fact that the first cloned horse in the world was named Prometea
or that at one time back in the 70’s Pasolini was interested in helping to produce a film to be called
La Prométhée ('The Female Prometheus')
All of the above would appear in the introduction piece about
Promethea outside the work of Alan Moore

Interviews with
1) Alan Moore if I can get him to do one
2) JH Williams III ditto
3) Scott Dunbier (ABC Editor) tritto
4) Mick Gray (Penciller)
5) Jeromy Cox (Colorist)
6) Todd Klein (Letterer)
7) Jose Villarubia (Issues 6, 12 and Hard Covers)
8) Charles Vess (Issue 4) if he's willing to be interviewed
9) Eric Shanower Little Margie in Mystic Magic Land (if he's interested)
I’ve already conducted interviews with most of these people which can be found at my
Interviews Page
and all of them have agreed to do some more when the last few issues are finally published
I would also include a
Chronological Time Line of Events
(here's a preliminairy version of this) Chronology
and an A-Z Character Index with additional information about what issues characters appeared in (see
Character Index Issues 26-32) and
Issues 1-25
Maybe a few appendixes (appendices?)
Little Margie in Misty Magic Land
Release Dates
Sales Figures
plus a listing of all the awards and nominations Promethea has gotten over the years.
And of course at the end an updated
Bibliography and Reference Notes
Other ideas that I might also include (depending on the length of the book)
another appendix about the Problems of translating/producing foreign language versions of Promethea (Interview with foreign translators)
an essay about Women as comic book heroines comparing Promethea to say Halo Jones and Wonderwoman, etc.
and finally of course An Index
I am also collecting suitable quotes (not from the comic itself but from other sources so if you can find a quote that you think would be appropriate to use about Promethea send those in to me as well
Also any questions you would like me to ask when interviewing people connected with the production of Promethea
Please send any suggestions for what you would like to see in the book including your own illustrations, questions for interview, etc etc to me at eroomnala@yahoo.com.au
Each person that enters will receive an acknowledgement in the finished product with the 3 winners given extra special acknowledgements.

NOTE: My plan is to publish a limited edition Hard Cover version of this book contatining extra material with only 100 copies published and then if and when the 100 copies are sold a Trade Paper Back version will be released with the extra material removed.